A new employee at the head office: Louise Lamarche

The Groupex head office welcomes a new employee in the accounting department!

For the last two weeks, we have had a new colleague and we would like to present her to you. Louise Lamarche joined us to complete our accounting team.  She will act as billing technician.

In order to introduce her to you, we decided to opt for a traditional questions and answers!

Name: Louise Lamarche

Position: Billing technician


Q- You just arrived but more concretely, what does a billing technician does in reality? What will be your role with Groupex?

A- I’m going to work with Stéphanie on everything related to invoicing, which is to enter invoices into the accounting system. In addition, the verification of our suppliers’ account statement will be part of my tasks.


Q- You have been with us for two weeks already, what has strucked you the most since you started?

A- The kindness of people


Q- Your colleagues and Groupex members will appreciate you (and even already) mainly for what?

A- My sense of humor


And more seriously now …


Q- So that Groupex members can get to know you, what is your top 5 favorite movies?


1. Dirty Dancing (Danse Lascive)

2. Grease

3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (Le sapin a des boules)

4. Weird Scienc (Une créature de rêve)

5. A walk in the clouds (La vallée des nuages)


Q- Your favorive song (the one that you always put on repeat)?

A- Lost on you de LP


Q- In 3 words, how would you describe yourself?

A-  Hard-working person, emotional, sociable


Q- Finally, if there was a funny fact about you, what would it be?

A- I often wear mismatched socks.