Passion Jardins on a garden mission

Last June, Geneviève Everell, the owner of Sushi à la maison and newly appointed spokesperson for Le Portail Residence in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, called on Passion Jardins for a community project. To help the Le Portail Residence, a house helping women with addictions, Passion Jardins and Ferme Bédard & Blouin generously offered a large vegetable garden behind the residence. This project will allow women to indulge in the joys of gardening while harvesting good fresh vegetables and fruit.

Geneviève Everell and Passion Jardins

The collaboration with Genevieve Everell was a natural association. We had previously worked with her and her team on projects such as the Passion Jardins circular 2017. The vegetable garden is now much more than gardening, we immediately think of chefs and culinary associations. “When Genevieve Everell approached us to see our interest in participating in this project, we immediately said yes! “Said Marie-Pier Lemieux and Mélanie Turbis, managers for the Passion Jardins banner.

A plus for the Résidence Le Portail

Résidence Le Portail is a therapy center for women treating women with various addictions. For Maryse Néron, General Manager of the Le Portail, the project will serve two purposes. Firstly, there is a goal of social reintegration, to help them change their minds and, of course, to have good fresh vegetables and fruit on the spot to meet the needs of the women since all the meals of the occupants are made on the spot.

“Gardening is good for people, when you put your hands in the earth, you seem to be stalling, not thinking about anything,” says Sarah Bédard of Ferme Bédard and Blouin. Gardening is a good therapy and the project was important to us, so it was unthinkable for us not to participate in this project.


A big thank you to Genevieve Everell for having thought of Passion Jardins for this vegetable mission, the project literally sticks to our skin. The project would not have been possible without the participation of our merchant Passion Jardins of Quebec, Ferme Bédard and Blouin. We would also like to thank Dubé Entreprises, a landscape member of the cooperative, who helped us with the delivery of materials.

We leave you on this beautiful photo of the publication of Geneviève put online immediately after the finalization of the project. These are smiles of a beautiful project accomplished!

In the photo (from left to right)

Marie-Pier Lemieux, – Garden Center Coordinator and Head of Passion Jardins

Geneviève Everell – Owner of Sushi à la Maison

Maryse Néron – General Manager of the Residence Le Portail

Joannie Bélanger – Landscaping Center Coordinator and Head of Maître Paysagiste